When do you drink your caffeine?


I started drinking coffee in middle school. Some of you may question this parenting decision. Did it stunt my growth? Possibly. Don't worry too much; it was really a mug of hot cream with a light side of coffee

I made the switch from coffee to tea in the middle of high school. While I still loved the taste, my stomach could no longer handle that sweet, sweet acidity. Nowadays I wait about two and a half hours after waking to go for a cup of this, but I know that almost every family member of mine walks straight to the Keurig as their eyes are opening. Looking at you, sis. ;) 

Somewhere along the way, I read an article (or seven) about the optimal time for consuming caffeine. According to research, if you wake up between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m., your cortisol levels naturally rise until around 9:30 a.m. Cortisol may be known as the stress hormone, but it also governs your circadian clock. Drinking caffeine while cortisol is peaking is likely to build your tolerance to the effects of your morning cup. Maybe that's why you need four or five?
So, what do you think—would you give this a try? Would it be a big departure from when you normally grab a cup of jo?

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